The best pizza in Montauk

Your Guide to the Best Pizza in Montauk, NY

There is no shortage of pizza options in Montauk.  Sometimes I think there is actually too much pizza in Montauk. 

But lucky for you, pizza is one of my favorite food groups and I’m here to tell you where to find the best pizza in Montauk.  I have also taken it upon myself to eat at every single one of these places to refresh my memory and snap some photos of pizza – so you can take my word that I have eaten at all of the places listed below more than once. (some more than I am willing to admit)

There are sit down options, to go, pizzeria style and artisan style pizza options.  Keep reading to find out the best slice in Montauk and which is the best option for you.

Best Pizza in Montauk:

1. Sausages Pizza & Pastabilities

Best for: classic NY style pizzeria

My vote for best New York style pizzeria in Montauk.  Sausages Pizza & Pastabilities has it down! 

They have a classic plain, pepperoni, white, grandma, Sicilian and not to mention all their specialty slices like their amazing barbecue chicken pizza.  A lot of their speciality slices come with sesame seeds on the crust which is such a small detail but I love sesame seeds and maybe you do too.

Sausages has plenty of tables to sit down and dine in and they even offer Italian dinners if that is what you’re feeling. This is my pick for a quick lunch or pizza dinner.

2. Blade + Salt

Best for: fresh ingredients & Italian takeout

Blade + Salt knows how to make really good pizza with really good fresh ingredients.  They only have plain and pepperoni by the slice everyday which is the only bummer… but they’re still really good! 

BUT you can order seven different pizza pies everyday and you have to keep an eye out for their seasonal market pie which changes often if not daily. These are usually incredible!  You also can’t miss out on their take out Italian dinners either – they are to die for!

Blade + Salt is primarily a take out establishment but they do have some outside seating on the lawn. I recommend ordering a pizza pie or grabbing a few slices and bringing them to Montauk Brewing Company next door to order a fresh pint of beer to go with your pizza.

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3. Roberta’s

Best for: thin crust pizza & large groups

Roberta’s is a Brooklyn favorite and has recently opened up its door in Montauk too!  Roberta’s is a large open space with a great atmosphere, artisan pizza (highly suggest the bee sting) and great cocktails! It is even a great spot for large group dinners or private events.

Roberta’s is a great option if you have travelled to Montauk by train or plan to catch the train leaving as it is located just across the street from the Montauk train station.  *open for dinner only

4. Alimentari Beach

Best for: thin crust pizza & Italian food

Alimentari Beach is located right in the center of town across the street from The Green. They don’t offer pizza by the slice but they do offer personal (or shareable) size thin crust pizza.  They have a few different variations like burrata, pepperoni, tartufo, clam and veggie. They also serve fantastic Italian meals – you must try their meatballs!

You can order at a table inside the restaurant or order at the counter and sit at one of their tables outside in the center of town with an Aperol spritz or glass of wine and enjoy people watching. (There is live music Monday nights on The Green in July and August!)

best pizza in montauk - peperoni pie from alimentari beach
Alimentari Beach Montauk entrance with red door

5. Il Forno at Montauk Yacht Club

Best for: wood fired pizza, lake views & upscale seafood

Il Forno is located in the Montauk Yacht Club on Lake Montauk – so off the bat this is the only pizza in Montauk with water views! I love to come sit in the Il Forno cafe next to their outdoor pool or sit at the bar and order a drink and wood fired pizza.

6. Harvest on Fort Pond

Best for: pizza & family style dining

Harvest on Fort Pond is ALWAYS busy and it is always good. Although not a pizza place they do have really good pizza options on the menu in addition to their family style menu.

My favorite is the bacon jalapeño pizza which we sometimes order as an appetizer or order with a salad and have as dinner. Don’t sleep on the bacon jalapeño pizza and thank me in the comments 🙂

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7. Pizza Village

Best for: late night slice of pizza

Pizza Village has been around since before I can remember.  (We took a field trip here in kindergarten to make pizza!). However, the ownership has changed hands a few times over the years and this is actually my least favorite pizza in Montauk.  Although, some of my friends would argue differently so I am still including this on the list! 

Pizza Village is great though for a late night slice of pizza. Wether you’ve gotten into Montauk late or are out bar hopping and it’s 2am and you just left the Memory Motel – Pizza Village is there serving hot cheese pizza right out the window!

three people sitting on the curb in montauk eating pizza village

BONUS: Dive Bar Pizza

Best for: pizza, bar and fun times

So technically Dive Bar Pizza is not in Montauk but in neighboring town of Amagansett. But in reality it is only a ten minute drive from downtown Montauk and sits in between Montauk and Amagansett. Dive Bar Pizza is worth driving to for their awesome pizza (by the slice or pie) and their fun bar!

blurry image of pizza from dive bar pizza
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