Snorkeling at steps is one of the best things to do in Rincon Puerto Rico

20 Fun Things to Do in Rincón, Puerto Rico in 2024

Rincón is a small(ish) laid back surfing and fishing town located on the west coast of Puerto Rico. Brent and I have been coming here with our families every winter for over 25 years and many more tourists visit this special town each year. I’m going to tell you why!

There are tons of fun things to do in Rincón, Puerto Rico and something for everyone to enjoy. Wether you came to relax and just enjoy the beautiful beaches everyday, surf the world class waves, scuba dive off of Desecheo Island or go offshore fishing you are sure to love Rincón and all it has to offer.

Keep reading to find out the 20 fun things to do in Rincon, Puerto Rico, a special bonus activity and the one activity I recommend NOT doing that I’ve seen so many others recommend!

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Does Rincón have nightlife?

Yes! Rincón has a handful of fun bars that are open till late as well as fun happy hour bars for sunset.

Do you need a car in Rincón?

A car is necessary when visiting Rincón, Puerto Rico. Restaurants, bars, beaches and different activities are not far but can be spread out. Rincón is also not super walking friendly. There is unreliable taxi’s and no uber in the area.

surfing is one of the. most fun things to do in rincon puerto rico

20 Fun Things to do in Rincón Puerto Rico

1. Visit the Best Beaches in Rincón

You traveled all the way to the Caribbean to visit Rincón, Puerto Rico after all. I am guessing you’ll want to at least spend some of your time at the beach! Rincón has so many great beaches and is unique in that you can surf at some beaches while others are clam Caribbean beaches.

Some of my favorites are the Marina to read a good book and swim in calm water, Maria’s for a fun surf session and when the wind is just right Sandy Beach is my absolute favorite beach in Rincón! (and also the most beautiful in my opinion!)

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fun things to do in rincon puerto rico include snorkeling at steps beach

2. Go Surfing in Rincón or take a Surf Lesson

Rincón, Puerto Rico is a world famous surf town and one of the best waves in the Caribbean!

Surf season in Rincon is from December to April when winter storm systems in the North East of the United States create long period swells that reach Puerto Rico. Waves are pretty consistent this time of year but can vary greatly in size.

Rincón consists of mostly reef breaks but there are a few good places for beginners to learn as well. If you didn’t travel here exclusively to surf, it’s a good idea to get a lesson to learn surf safety and etiquette. You can learn with Road 2 Happiness at Maria’s or Sandy Beach.

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waves at tres palmas rincon, puerto rico

3. Go Snorkeling at Steps Beach

Besides great waves, Rincón also has amazing snorkeling and diving for you to enjoy. Have fun exploring the colorful coral reefs (some of the best on the island!) and tropical fish at Steps beach.

Steps is part of the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve which means the coral reefs and their inhabitants are protected! There are loads of tropical fish, beautiful coral and you might get lucky to swim with a sea turtle!

4. Look for Beach Glass at Sandy Beach

Beach walk anyone? You can find lots of beautiful beach glass on the shores of Rincón including rare red and pink colors. My favorite areas to find beach glass are Steps Beach or Sandy Beach if you walk down the beach away from Tamboo restaurant.

Ps: Keep an eye open for cowry shells too!

5. Visit the Faro Punta Higueras (Lighthouse)

The Rincón lighthouse was built in 1862 and is located at Punta Higueras (Point Higueras). The point is the most western point of the island of Puerto Rico.

The views from up here are so beautiful and it is a really popular spot to watch the sunset in Rincón. Make sure to grab a fresh mojito from Ola Sunset Cafe and take a peek at the surfers down at Domes beach.

6. Walk through the Art Walk on Thursday Night

The Art Walk is a really fun activity and one of the best things to do in Rincón at night. The Art Walk is located right in Rincón’s town square and starts around 5pm on Thursday nights only.

It is definitely worth checking out the Art Walk and walking around Rincón town one evening. There will be many vendors set up in the square selling their art. There are so many different things to buy like artisanal food, paintings, wood work, jewelry and so more!

After walking through the town square full of vendors walk down the street to La Estacion a local bar that gets very busy on Thursday nights!

7. Charter a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Rincón also offers world class fishing right off the shores of Puerto Rico! Common fish caught include Black Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Red Snapper, Rainbow Runner and Grouper.

If you like to go fishing don’t sleep on this activity. Contact Canyon Hunters or El Toro Fishing for more information on off shore fishing and spearfishing.

brent holding a fish in puerto rico

8. Watch the Sunset in Rincón

Since Rincón is facing west you are almost guaranteed to have a great sunset! The sun also sets over the water making it extra beautiful and sometimes you can get a glimpse of the green flash right before the sun sets.

There are lots of great places to watch the sunset in Rincón and many options from beaches to happy hour bars! Some of my favorites are a beach walk along Steps beach at sunset, Ola Sunset Cafe for happy hour mojitos and drink coconuts at Villa Cofresi (more on that below!)

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9. Go on a Horseback Riding Tour

I have to say I am not a huge horse person (they are beautiful – but they scare me!) If you are into taking a hourseback riding tour along the beach sign up with Tropical Trail Rides.

They will guide you onto the beach and part of road 413 for approximately 2 hours of trail riding. Make sure to sign up for the ride that goes out at sunset – you’ll have a great view!

10. Go Scuba Diving at Desecheo Island

Book a half day dive with Taino Divers to Desecheo Island – you will not regret it! (ps- you can also snorkel on the same trip!).

Desecheo is a small uninhabited island 13 miles off the coast of Rincón. Within a half-mile radius of the Desecheo Island Marine Reserve​​ Fishing is prohibited which makes the diving and snorkeling amazing.

Taino Divers will take you out for a half day of diving or snorkeling and provide water, snacks and equipment!

11. Drink Coconuts at Villa Cofresi

Getting a tropical drink in a coconut still counts as a “thing to do” right? If you like rum and you like coconuts you’ll love the Pirata drink they serve up at Villa Cofresi!

We do this at least once every year when we are in Rincón. It is fun to come as a group and watch the sun set while drinking out of a coconut. Bonus: the drinks are delicious and pretty strong!

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12. Go on a Sunset Cruise 

If you are on vacation with a group of people this is a really fun activity to do one night! The Katarina is a catamaran sail boat that leaves from the Marina in Rincón. The boat cruise is about 2 hours long and provides unlimited rum punches and a killer sunset on the water!

13. See Whales on a Whale Watching Tour

Humpback whales can be spotted in Rincón throughout January, February and March. You can even see them from standing on the shore!

The humpback whales pass by Rincón while they are mating and giving birth before heading back to the North Atlantic Ocean for the summer.

14. Walk along Tres Palmas Reserve Path

The Paseo Comunitario Tres Palmas is a new path along the ocean and beach that runs from Steps beach to Maria’s beach. The trail is lovely to walk along during the morning hours or for a sunset stroll.

15. Take a Yoga Class on the Beach

Barefoot Yoga PR offers yoga classes every morning at 9am on a beautiful beachfront property in front of Tres Palmas Marine Reserve! They also offer a few sunset classes each week.

If you want something a bit more fast paced try Rincón Ride a cycle studio outside on the water instead.

barefoot yoga rincon puerto rico
Photo from their old location – but the new one is just as scenic!

16. Visit Rincón Town

Take a walk around Rincon’s town center. There is also a square in the center of town if you want to grab a coffee from Friends Cafe and take a seat for some good people watching.

Within the town center there are lots of shops and restaurants to explore. Some of my favorite shops are Ocean State of Mind and The Trove. For restaurants in or near the center of town I’d recommend Gylro which has the best cocktails and gyros, Belo Horizonte for rooftop views, La Sirena for sushi or Vatos Locos for tacos!

17. Walk Along the Spanish Wall on the Domes Trail

If you park at Domes Beach there is a trail in the north corner of the parking lot that leads you along a trail. This trail follows along the edge of the coast and adjacent to the rock wall that was constructed by the Spanish to support train tracks.

18. Go Paddle Boarding from the Marina

Rincon paddle boards is set up at the Marina daily. They offer paddle board rentals, lessons as well as stand up paddle board tours which take you to the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve over two hours.

They also offer kayak tours and sunset stand up paddle tours as well!

19. Visit Local Art Galleries

Apart from the gorgeous beaches, coral reefs and killer sunsets Rincón also has a local art scene. Visit one of the local art galleries in town or local artisan shops for locally made crafts.

20. BONUS: Thing to do near Rincón Puerto Rico

Take a day trip from Rincón one day while visiting. Puerto Rico is a big island! The fourth largest in the Caribbean actually. There is so much to discover outside of Rincón and tons of great day trips!

There are a few amazing beaches like Playa Crashboat and Jobos just 45 minutes north and Playa Buye and Playa Sucia one and a half hours south. Maybe you’d prefer to rent a boat and discover the mangroves of La Parguera or drive one hour inland to see the big Gozalandia Waterfall. Take your pick!

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Brent and I went to check it out and wondered why we had never been before. It is on the side of the road and honestly a bit dirty and littered with trash. It really isn’t worth visiting and if you do want to visit a waterfall I recommend Gozalandia Waterfall which is about an hour drive from Rincón.

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Where to Stay in Rincón, Puerto Rico

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Rincon is fairly large and there are a few different neighborhoods I recommend for your stay.

Puntas is to the north of Punta Higueras (Point Higueras) and has lots of hills and airbnb rentals. This is also where Sandy Beach is located (my favorite beach!)

To the south of Punta Higueras you can stay in Tres Palmas, Ensenada or the Marina which are located between the Marina beach and Maria’s beach. Farther south on the other side of town is Corsica neighborhood which has super calm Caribbean waters and a selection of hotels and condos.

Below are a few great small hotels in Rincon with my favorites being Casa Isleña or Tres Sirenas.

  • Casa Isleña – on the beach at Sandy Beach, Casa Isleña is a boutique hotel with a great restaurant!
  • Tres Sirenas – lovely water front boutique hotel near Corcega.
  • Rincón of the Seas – biggest resort in Rincón on the beach with a swim up pool bar.
  • Villa Cofresi – great smaller hotel for families on the water.
  • Casa Verde – small hotel across the street from Sandy Beach.

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