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Playa Buye (Buye Beach) All You Need to Know

Playa Buye is one of my favorite beaches in Puerto Rico (the other one being Sandy Beach in Rincón). It is a beautiful Caribbean beach with white sand, a palm lined shore and the crystal clear blue waters you dream about!

I would recommend a day trip to Playa Buye to anyone visiting the west coast of Puerto Rico. In fact, there are many great day trips on the west coast that I have a whole guide about it here!

Keep reading for all you need to know about visiting Playa Buye in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

Where is Playa Buye?

Playa Buye or also known as Buye Beach in English is a beautiful tropical beach located in Cabo Rojo, a municipality on Puerto Rico’s south west coast.

Playa Buye, Cabo Rojo

Getting There:

Wether you are traveling south from Aguadilla or driving west from Ponce both routes will start on Puerto Rico Route 2. Once you arrive in the municipality of Cabo Rojo where Playa Buye is you’ll want to turn onto PR 100 and then PR 307. From there you will turn onto Cam Buye.

At the end of Cam Buye is … you guessed it Playa Buye! There is free parking along the street near the entrance as well as some private parking areas that charge $5 for the day.

Pro Tip: You might feel as though you’re not in the right place (I know we did the first time!) You won’t be able to see the beach from where you park but look for the Buye Beach Resort sign and walk along the narrow concrete path to the left of the sign and you’ll see the beach and bright blue water at the end.

Once you arrive at the beach there is a large area to the right that is covered in trees and great for hiding from the sun. This area gets very busy with locals on weekends and on holidays. There is also a roped off area in the super calm water to keep boats and other water activities away from swimmers. This fact and the shade make this a sought after spot on the beach.

But I recommend to keep walking through this shady area to the right. At the end of this section, you’ll come to another narrow path that you need to walk down to get around a small point.

Once on the other side you will understand why! You’ll have this small cove most likely to yourself or just a few other people. On weekends this is a popular area for boats to anchor up at as well.

What to do at Playa Buye:

Playa Buye is a great place to swim! The water is extremely calm and the water is shallow. There is a large roped off swimming section with a sandy bottom. But be mindful there are no lifeguards at this beach.

You may also choose to rent a kayak from a local business on the beach and glide over the clear waters. Unfortunately, there isn’t great snorkeling at Playa Buye. A lot of the reef has been damaged.

Playa Buye is really all about relaxing and enjoying the warm water and beautiful landscape. I recommend packing a cooler with lots of drinks and snacks for a whole day at the beach. If you get hungry or are in need of more drinks there is a restaurant at the entrance to the beach!

Amenities at Playa Buye:

There are restrooms available at Playa Buye. They are located on the path down to the beach.

There is also a restaurant call Macamba at the beach entrance. When you get hungry I recommend getting a few empanadillas and a drink and heading back down to the beach to enjoy them but there is a full service restaurant as well.

And don’t forget the souvenir shop also located at the beach entrance!

Where to Stay near Playa Buye:

There is a row of houses on the water at the south end of Playa Buye. If you want to stay right on the beach I’d recommend trying to find one of these houses for rent on airbnb.

Just ten minutes south is the town of Boqueron and I would highly recommend staying in this quaint little village for the night. There are shops and restaurants all along the water and the sunsets are spectacular! Boqueron also has a lovely beach too called Playa Boqueron.

We’ve stayed at Boho Beach Club in Boqueron and the rooms were basic an clean and the walk into town was only 10 minutes.

Places to Stay near Playa Buye:

Things to do near Playa Buye:

There are some other great things to do on Puerto Rico’s south west coast but visiting Playa Buye is probably my favorite one! You can also visit the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse, Playa Sucia and Playuela just 30 minutes south of Playa Buye. The Cabo Rojo Lighthouse is located on the most southern point of Puerto Rico’s west coast and Playa Sucia and Playuela are in a large bay to the east of the lighthouse.

If you head just another 30 minutes east you will also find the town of La Parguera where you can get on a self driven boat or a private boat tour and discover the amazing mangroves just off shore. This is a great spot to snorkel as well as swim and have a beach picnic.

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  1. Good directions for quiet / boat spot . Definitely less crowded but not the Cabo Rojo I was thinking of. It’s very confusing. Very very busy beach otherwise and parking is interesting