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Hi, I’m Ariana. I grew up in Montauk, NY – a little beach town at the very end of Long Island. My love for travel was sparked when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy my Sophomore year of college. After working in Advertising in New York City for a few years I decided to move back to Montauk in 2016. Since then I’ve started my own swimwear brand, Summer Label and more recently this travel blog, TRVL Collective!

TRVL Collective is a space for me to share my love for travel and new experiences with you! Comprised of in depth travel guides and photographs from my home town Montauk NY, Puerto Rico and travels around the globe to surf with my boyfriend Brent, each post has tons of recommendations, tips and valuable information about each destination – I hope you follow along!

x Ariana

Favorite Destinations:

  1. Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii
  2. Rincon, Puerto Rico
  3. Bali, Indonesia
  4. France

Bucket List Destinations:

  1. South Africa (Safari!)
  2. French Polynesia
  3. Philipines

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