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10 Best Day Trips from Rincón, Puerto Rico

There is so much to do in Rincón but there are also great day trips from Rincón, Puerto Rico too! There are a few great beaches to the south, hikes and boutique hotels to the north and even an epic waterfall inland.

My husband Brent and I make it a point to discover new day trips from Rincón each year when we visit but we also love going back to some of our favorite spots like Playa Crashboat each time.

So if you are looking to get out of Rincón just for the day and discover something new this guide has you covered! Keep reading for the 9 best day trips from Rincón, Puerto Rico.

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Best Day Trips from Rincón, Puerto Rico

1. Playa Buye (Cabo Rojo)

Palm lined, white sand beach. Need I say more! Playa Buyé is in the town of Cabo Rojo about an hour south of Rincón, Puerto Rico. I went to the beach during the week but I heard it can get very busy on weekends and especially on Sundays.

Once you get to the beach there are little stands to buy food and drinks. We opted to bring a cooler down with snacks and drinks.

We decided to walk to the right when we got to the beach (recommended by a friend) and i’m so glad we did. There are smaller coves away from the crowd. We spent the perfect day just hanging under the shade of palm trees and swimming in the super blue ocean!

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Playa Buye Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

2. Playa Sucia / La Playuela (Cabo Rojo)

Another beach in Cabo Rojo, playa Sucia is where the Cabo Rojo lighthouse is (more on that next!) Situated in a large bay, playa Sucia and La Playuela is a beautiful horseshoe shaped beach with pretty electric blue water. I recommend coming here on a day with little wind or the water will be stirred up!

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view of playa sucia from cliffs in cabo rojo

3. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse

Visiting Playa Sucia and the Cabo Rojo Lighthouse can all be done in the same day! I’d recommend getting to the lighthouse in the morning before the winds really pick up – plus its super hot up here!

The walk up to the lighthouse from the parking area is 10 minutes up hill. Once you are up there the views are endless! Really, the lighthouse (not in use anymore) is the least spectacular thing. Please be mindful how close to the edge you are and the winds – someone tragically passed away here by falling off the cliff.

4. La Parguera

One of my favorites and one of the best day trips from Rincón, Puerto Rico! La Parguera is great for families as well as friends ready for a day party. You can rent your own small boat right in town and drive out to the mangrove islands of La Parguera.

On one of the islands there has a fenced in natural pool for swimming and a BBQ area to hang out at. There is pretty good snorkeling here around the mangroves so definitely bring your masks and snorkel!

La Parguera is also a bioluminescent bay – one of three found on Puerto Rico. When the water is moved the micro-organisms emit a short burst of light creating a glow.

There are various tour companies that will take you out on a boat and even let you swim in the water! If you’ve never experienced a bioluminescent bay it is a very cool and unique experience not to be missed.

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5. Playa Crash Boat

Another favorite day trip from Rincón, Puerto Rico! Playa Crashboat is about 40 minutes to the north of Rincón.

The beach gets super busy on Sunday’s specifically – but so much fun! Playa Crash Boat is a great beach day for everyone! Pack your coolers, get ready to swim in the clear blue water all day and jump off the dock.

There is a restaurant at the beach named Cocoloba and many small vendors selling pinchos (chicken skewers). But I would come prepared with a cooler full of drinks and a bag with fun beach games.

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flag of playa crash boat

6. Playa Jobos

Playa Jobos is a unique beach! The way the land is formed it creates a great little calm bay for swimming and farther out great waves for surfing. Something for everyone in my opinion.

There are great little restaurants right on the beach to grab food and drinks. The beach is really lively with fun music and people playing beach games.

This is a good place for learning to surf as well!

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jobos beach puerto rico

7. Survival Beach Hike

If you’re up for a little adventure this is for you! The hike is only about 20-30 minutes long and very scenic!

The path starts at Surfer’s Beach (where you’ll park) and follows along the beach the whole way. There are a few rocks and such you’ll need to climb over so wear the right shoes and be careful!

Once you get to Survival Beach you will know it. The beach is a large expanse of white sand and when I was there no one else was! We had a huge beach to ourselves.

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survival beach puerto rico

8. Gozalandia Waterfall, San Sebastian

The San Sebastian Waterfall is going to be the farthest away from Rincón. The drive from the west coast is about 1.5 hour but definitely worth checking out! There are actually two water falls: one you can do a jump into and the second has a large rope swing.

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9. Villa Montana

Villa Montana is a small boutique hotel located right on the beach on the north west corner of Puerto Rico. If you are craving that boutique feel – coming to Villa Montana is for you! The aesthetic is amazing as is the food and speciality cocktails.

10. Snorkel or Dive at Desecheo Island

You can’t come to Puerto Rico and not go snorkeling or scuba diving! Go on a day trip with Tiano Divers to Desecheo Island.

The uninhabited island of Desecheo is 13 miles off the coast of Rincon, Puerto Rico. The water clarity and marine life is spectacular, you won’t regret the experience!

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  1. What do you suggest if staying in Ponce?

    1. Hi Lorraine – I’ve never been all the way down to Ponce. There is a nice Hilton I’ve looked at online though – hopefully will get to explore the region next time we are in Puerto Rico!

  2. Love your advice! Can’t wait to explore. Did you do any hiking while in Rincon? Any places you recommend?

    1. Hi Jenna! We haven’t done any hikes in Rincon – there is a short hike at Survival Beach (45 min north – you can read about it here) As well as cueva ventana in Arecibo – which i’m dying to do! I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this topic! Let me know if you do find any good hikes close by 🙂