6 Best Coffee Shops in Montauk

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee in the morning (or afternoon pick me up) and Montauk has a lot of great coffee options for you!  As a coffee drinker myself, I’ve tried all of the coffee shops in Montauk and I’m here to tell you my personal favorites and what I think is the best coffee in Montauk.  

Keep reading to find out the 6 Best Coffee Shops in Montauk I recommend and why!

Montauk Coffee Shops

1. Left Hand Coffee

Best For: cold brew, latte & regular coffee

In my opinion Left Hand Coffee has the best coffee in Montauk (although pricey – but what isn’t in Montauk!) and it one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in Montauk.  My favorite thing to get is a regular latte and its amazing. They also make a GREAT matcha latte if that is more your thing! 

As with all trendy cafes with the times they also offer Oat Milk, Almond Milk and Soy Milk as milk alternatives. The shop also sells an assortment of baked goods like muffins and croissants as well as artisan chocolate and granola bars and their own cool merch. 

Location: 83 S. Elmwood Ave

2. Bluestone Lane

Best For: avocado toast & latte

Another favorite coffee spot in Montauk of mine!  Bluestone Lane has many cafes around the country so chances are you might have heard of this brand before. 

Again, I really love a good latte and they make a good one here. You can also order ahead on the Bluestone App. Bluestone also has baked goods This shop only sells coffee and a few food options to go.  Their lattes are one of my favorite in town and so is their avocado toast. 

There is also a Frankies Bikini’s store within the coffee shop!

Location: 786 Montauk Hwy

3.Duryea’s Market

Best For: macha latte & regular coffee

Come to this quaint little market on Tuthill Road to avoid the crowds in town. 

Not only do they have great coffee and tea options but Duryea’s Market also has an assortment of baked goods and breakfast to go. The Market is located in a large space that also houses some prepared good, dried goods and a little boutique with home goods!

Next to the market is Duryea’s Lobster Deck. One of the prime restaurants in Montauk on the water.

Location: 61 Tuthill Road

4. Mostrador Marram

Best For: beachfront pastries

I love getting a coffee at Mostrador Marram mostly for the ocean view you are also getting with your morning cup of Joe!  Mostrador is a small cafe located in the Marram Montauk hotel. This is also one of my favorite places to eat breakfast at in Montauk!

After grabbing your coffee take a seat and watch the waves roll in (maybe you’ll even spot a whale!) while you enjoy your coffee and don’t forget a fresh baked croissant! They are far superior to any other croissant you’ll find in montauk.  For a sweeter option try their medialunas which are my favorite!

Location: 21 Oceanview Terrace

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5. Hamptons Coffee Company

Best For: regular coffee

A classic coffee shop experience!  Hamptons Coffee Company has everything you might need including some food options!  They serve regular coffee, lattes and espresso as well as tea. They offer baked goods like muffins and scones as well as pre-made sandwiches.

They are quick and efficient and the coffee is good.

Location: 732 Montauk Hwy

6. Montauk Bake Shoppe

Best For: bakery & iced coffee

Right in the middle of town on the circle the Montauk Bake Shoppe is always busy in the summer!  They have a full bakery – croissants, donuts, scones, muffins, cakes as well as sandwiches and more! But they have the best regular iced coffee in town, in my opinion!

I love coming here for an iced coffee and fish cookie in the afternoon when its not as busy as the morning hours!

Location: 29 The Plaza

Quick Coffee Option: 7-eleven

I can’t write a post about coffee in Montauk not mention 7-eleven coffee.  So not my favorite cup of coffee ever – but when you need coffee past 4pm or before 8am this is your go-to spot.  It’s also the quickest option if you just need something quick!  Plus you can buy loads of other things while you’re in the store too.

Location: 653 Montauk Hwy

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