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The 7 Best Beaches in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Are you going to Rincon to relax on the beach with a book? Maybe you’re wanting to come to surf or enjoy your share of medallas on the beach? You’re in luck! Rincon has some of the most beautiful and diverse beaches in the Caribbean.

The beaches in Rincon are lined with lush palm trees (which offer much needed shade!) and beautiful blue ocean waters. Each beach in Rincon is unique and offers something different. Keep reading to find out which of the 7 best beaches in Rincon, Puerto Rico will fit your beach style!

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woman sitting in front of ocean in rincon puerto rico with sun hat on

Swimming Beaches in Rincón: Sandy Beach, the Marina Beach, Lala’s Beach
Surfing Beaches in Rincón: Sandy Beach, Pools Beach, Domes Beach, Maria’s Beach
Snorkeling Beaches in Rincón: Steps Beach

The 7 Best Beaches in Rincón, Puerto Rico

The Marina

I personally frequent this beach a lot since it’s a quick walk from Brent’s family’s house but it’s also one of the best beaches in Rincon! There is usually little wind and Caribbean calm waters.

The Marina is a great beach for swimming in Rincón and a great beach for little kids! The beach has a good amount of shade up top to spend the whole day here but come on the earlier side to claim your spot!

There are also a few restaurants close by to grab lunch, water or a cocktail. El Ankla is great for Puerto Rican food and drinks while the The Juice Box is perfect for fresh coconut water, smoothies and açai bowls!

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woman in bikini walking on palm tree in rincon puerto rico

Sandy Beach

Ah Sandy Beach! Maybe my favorite beach in all of Puerto Rico. The palms are plenty and right on the beach. Be sure to take a sunrise walk on this beach – it is beautiful! Keep an eye out for pretty beach glass!

Sandy Beach is usually very windy and the ocean can be rough but when the wind is coming from the south – be sure to come here for an epic beach day! Some of my favorite beach days are spent here when the water is turquoise blue and calm. You can get refreshments and lunch at Tamboo or walk up the street to Kahuna Burger.

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Pools Beach

Just on the other side of the rocky point from Sandy Beach, Pools is a lovely beach to sun bathe on and dip into the “pools” to cool off. The reef is really shallow here so swimming is not recommended. When the wind is south and there is swell in the water there are great waves here.

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Woman sitting on the beach in a bikini watching the ocean - Rincon, Puerto Rico - best beaches in Rincon
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Domes Beach

Come sit at Domes Beach and watch the surfers! One of the most popular surfing beaches in Rincon, Domes Beach has a wave 90% of the time in the winter months.

You can find a spot to swim down the end of the beach closer to the lighthouse but be extra careful of rip currents. Walk the path up to Ola Sunset Cafe to grab a bite to eat, a drink and to watch the sunset!

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Maria’s Beach

Another popular surfing beach! If you want to learn to surf, Maria’s is a great spot to learn. The waves are usually bit smaller than Domes and can be a great beginner wave on smaller days. Take a lesson with RD2Happiness – they set up on the beach everyday.

The beach is fairly small here and if there is any kind of wave in the ocean it is not ideal to swim. If you get hungry you can grab food and drinks up at Calypso restaurant!

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ariana laying on surfboard at marias rincon puerto rico

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Steps Beach

One of the best beaches in Rincon and definitely one of my favorites! Step’s coral reef is located within the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve which makes it an amazing beach to snorkel, see turtles, brilliant coral, and colorful fish.

Be careful where you get in and out of the water. I recommend watching others entering and leaving the water first. The coral can be extremely slippery and there are urchins in some spots. On really flat days you can swim and float for hours here – it is paradise!

If you walk to the right or left of the steps a little ways there are great little tide pools for kids to play in. I spent many hours here when I was a kid!

Steps Beach is also one of my favorite places to take a beach walk and watch the sunset!

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steps beach is one of the best beaches in rincon puerto rico

Lala’s Beach

Lala’s beach is one of the bigger beaches in Rincón. The beach has lots of sandy area to set up for a great beach day.

Lala’s beach has no coral, a sandy bottom and super calm water most of the time. It’s a great beach for families and there is food and refreshments close by on the other side of the parking lot.

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Lala's beach Rincon Puerto Rico - 7 best beaches in rincon

More Beaches:

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  • Shelley Donald

    This was very helpful. Any accommodation suggestions?

    • ariana

      Hey Shelley – thank you! There are tons of great airbnbs in Rincon but if you’d like to stay in a hotel – Casa Islena is great and right on the water with a restaurant. You might also want to look at Rincon of the Seas if you’d prefer a bigger hotel. You can always contact me via email too if you have further questions! Ariana

  • Stephanie

    Hi Ariana, love this. It was super helpful. Do you still recommend visiting Rincon in early-mid Novemeber given the weather? Thank you!

    • ariana

      Actually visiting in November is one of my favorite times! It is before the season so it will be far less crowded and most things will be open and preparing for the holiday vacations.

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