Your guide to the best surfing in rincon puerto rico
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Your Guide to the Best Surfing in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Rincón is the unofficial surfing capitol of the Caribbean.  With consistent swells from December to April, warm water temps, and a tropical island full of culture, Rincón Puerto Rico is one of the best places for a surf trip.

My husband and I have been visiting and surfing in Rincón, Puerto Rico for over twenty five years!

There are waves in Rincón for all abilities and types of surfers.  Rincón has great beginner waves when the waves are small, fun ripple waves for more experienced surfers and barreling sections for advanced surfers. There is even a spot for big wave surfing too.

Keep reading for more on surfing in Rincón Puerto Rico and details on the different surf spots in this famous Caribbean surf town.

Check the Rincon Surf Report on Surfline.

Surfing in Rincón FAQ

Is Rincón good for surfing?

Rincon is one of the best places (or the best place) to surf in the Caribbean. It is a great surf trip for people from eastern United States in the winter. The flight from New York is only 4 hours!

Tip: fly into Rafael Hernández International Airport in Aguadilla a town only 30 minutes from Rincon.

What is the surf season in Rincón?

Surf season in Rincon (and most of the Caribbean) is from December to April when winter storm systems in the North East of the United States create long period swells that reach Puerto Rico. Waves are pretty consistent this time of year but can vary in size.

Is Rincón good for beginner surfers?

This is a more difficult questions to answer! Rincon is mostly reef breaks which isn’t always the best for super beginners. There is however one spot that is a beach break and when small enough a good place for beginners. Keep reading to find out this Rincon surf spot!

On another note, if you are comfortable surfing on a reef Rincon is a great place to improve your surfing skills. Because of the reef, waves tend to break in the same spot each time making it easy for beginners to read and catch waves.

Where can beginner surfers surf in Rincón?

If you are a beginner surfer you can hire a surf instructor at Maria’s Beach from Road2Happiness.

REMINDER: Always be aware of the ocean and your capabilities!  The ocean and waves in Rincon are strong.  If you are not an experienced surfer please hire an instructor to take you out and teach you the proper surf etiquette and technique.  Not only is it dangerous for you but also for the people around you!

Rincón Surf Spots

Rincon has a handful of different surf breaks. Half of them being on the north side of the point and the others facing west. This makes Rincon a great spot to surf in all different conditions and wind directions.

map of surf spots in rincon puerto rico

Sandy Beach

For waves on the north side side of Rincón (an area called Puntas) you’ll want to look out for a South wind and a North to NE swell.  Sandy Beach breaks off a rocky point and is a combination of a sand and reef bottom and is one of Rincón’s only lefts!

This is my favorite beach in Rincón and one of my favorite waves too! In a land of rights the goofy foot in me loves this left handed wave! There is also a shifting beach break right out in front of Tamboo restaurant with occasional barrels on the right conditions.

In the parking lot to the right of Tamboo you’ll also find Road2Happiness set up renting foamy surfboards and surf instructors available for a surf lesson.

After surfing head to Big Kahuna Bar and Restaurant up the street for a beer and burger.

Break: Beach and point
Wind: South
Swell: North West, North, North East

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Antonio’s is just down the beach from Sandy Beach and is a great surf break for beginners and intermediates when the waves are small or a super fun and rippable wave when there is more size. Just make sure you’re there early before the trade winds or there is a south wind.

Since Antonios breaks over a flat, friendly reef this a good beginner friendly surf spot in Rincón when there is a small swell. When the surf is on, this north facing surf spot breaks farther out over the coral reef with both rights and lefts.

Tip: don’t miss out on the best breakfast in Rincón at Casa Isleña after your surf session.

Break: Reef
Wind: South
Swell: North West, North, North East


Pools is on the other side of the rock point from Sandy Beach and breaks over a very sharp and shallow reef.  This break is for intermediate to experienced surfers only as it is really shallow here.

Pools is a shorter more intense ride and with the right wind (South), dropping tide and swell direction pools can have a super fun, quick barreling section. But keep in mind the sharp reef here!

Fuel up after your surf with the fish sandwich from Jack’s Shack just across the street, you will not regret it!

Break: Reef
Wind: South
Swell: North West, North, North East


Domes is just to the north of the Rincón Lighthouse and gets its name from the large Dome (a decommissioned nuclear power plant) seen from the water and beach.

Domes is one of the most popular beaches for surfing in Rincón and one of the most consistent waves in the area. For this reason Domes tends to get crowded early. 

The wave breaks over a coral reef and is mostly a right hand wave. (there are some lefts in the middle of the beach) The good thing about Domes is that there are multiple peaks which allows for surfers to spread out. 

Domes is an intermediates playground but on a large North West swell the rights are steep, quick and barreling.

After your surf session head to Ola Sunset Cafe for one of the best freshly made mojitos and an empanadilla! Ola Sunset Cafe is also a great spot to watch the sunset in Rincon and watch the surf from above!

Break: Reef
Wind: North East
Swell: North West, North, North East

domes beach is the most popular place for surfing in rincon puerto rico
This is a really flat day. Will update photos this winter!

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Just a quarter of a mile farther south from Domes Beach and on the other side of the Rincón Lighthouse you will find Maria’s Beach.  Maria’s is another super popular surf spot in Rincón and has everything from beginners to experts depending on conditions.

When the waves are small there are a lot of surf lessons at Maria’s but when the waves are going off there are barreling sections to be ridden. Something for everyone.

Maria’s tends to get crowded but there are multiple peaks up and down the beach. Also keep in mind that the wave breaks about 100 yards from the shore so it always looks smaller from the beach than it actually is.

Tip: There are three keyholes in the coral to get in and out of the water at Maria’s. Watch other experienced surfers get in and out of the water if you’ve never surfed here before.

Road2Happiness is also set up here for surf lessons and board rentals daily!

Break: Reef
Wind: North East
Swell: North West, North

Tres Palmas

Rincón’s big wave surfing spot! 

Tres Palmas has been recorded with waves as tall as 30 feet high and doesn’t even start breaking on the outer reef until around double over head.  The reason for this is due to the Puerto Rico trench which is the deepest spot in the Atlantic Ocean (and eighth in the world!) and sits just 30 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico and focuses the long period swell into huge waves. 

When large winter swells appear you’ll see wave lines for miles and a handful of big wave surfers with guns testing their luck trying to catch one of the giant waves. Tres Palmas is only for experienced big wave surfers with the right equipment and training.

Break: Outer Reef
Wind: North East
Swell: North West, North

tres palmas rincon puerto rico

Little Malibu & The Marina

Those big winter swells when Tres Palmas is breaking and 15 plus feet?  A wave appears at Little Malibu which is accessible from the Rincón Marina, a great beach in Rincón for families with kids.  The wave breaks over a sharp and shallow reef right in front of the jetty at the Marina.

Tip: kids can surf right in the Marina over a sandy bottom on small waves when Little Malibu is breaking.

Break: Reef
Wind: North East
Swell: North West, North

Planning a trip to Rincon? Find out other fun things to do in Rincon here!

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Board Rentals and Surf Lessons in Rincón

Rincón is all about surfing! There are no shortage of board rentals and surf schools in this little Puerto Rican town.

Rincon Surf School
Puntas Surf School
Desecheo Surf Shop – board rentals and surf shop
Mar Azul – board rentals and surf shop

Surf Shops in Rincón

Since surfing is so popular in Rincón – there are quite a few surf shops to cater to all of the surfers in town visiting. (see two above under board rentals too!)

Surf Town
Puntas Surf Supplies

Where Should you Stay in Rincón on a Surf Trip?

There are only a handful of good hotels in Rincón, which honestly is kinda nice that it is not super built up with a “hotel zone”. There are tons of great airbnbs available too. Below are some of the smaller hotels I would recommend to stay at in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Did you know: when you book a stay from any of the links on TRVL Collective, I earn a small commission which helps keep this blog running and at no additional cost to you! 
Thank you for supporting!

Casa Verde – two minute walk to Sandy Beach for those who don’t mind some noise from the popular bar next door
Casa Isleña – on the water at Sandy Beach with an awesome restaurant
Tres Palmas at La Cambija – right at Tres Palmas with gorgeous views and great restaurant
Tres Sirenas – small boutique style Inn on the water (10 minute drive to surf breaks)

Tips for Surfing in Rincón:

  • Rincón is mostly reef breaks. Be aware of sharp coral on low tides.
  • Be careful where you get in and out of the water. There are urchins hiding in the coral.
  • Know your ability and don’t go out in conditions you’re not comfortable with. You can be a danger not only to yourself but other surfers.
  • You don’t need a wetsuit to surf in Puerto Rico. The ocean is very warm even in the winter.
  • If flying on JetBlue be prepared to pay $100 per surfboard per way!! It’s actually insane how much they charge.

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