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A Guide for Exploring Bingin Beach Bali, a Surfer’s Paradise

Ah Bingin Beach – one of my favorite beaches in the world located on the Bukit Peninsula on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Known as a world-class surf break, Bingin Beach is a surfer’s Paradise and a beach lovers heaven!

Not only is Bingin a beach with good waves but also an area of Uluwatu. It’s a little less hectic and little more secluded than other busier parts of the Bukit. Brent and I have based ourselves here on both trips to Bali and would choose to stay in Bingin again.

Bingin Beach is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs with bed and breakfasts, hotels, villas, restaurants and warungs built into them. Come to Bingin to spend a memorable day hanging and swimming at the beach, getting barreled over a shallow reef or enjoying a famous Bali sunset from one of the warungs on the beach.

You are sure to love Bingin!

In this post I will share all the details for visiting Bingin Beach like where it is, how to get there, things to do, surfing Bingin, best restaurants, where to stay in Bingin and more!

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Where is Bingin Beach, Bali?

Bingin Beach is one of a string of beaches located on the west side of the Bukit Peninsula on the famous island of Bali, Indonesia. Bingin Beach is my and Brent’s favorite beach in the Uluwatu area and a must for anyone visiting Uluwatu.

Bingin Beach (or Pantai Bingin) is located between Dreamland Beach and Padang Padang. Like many Uluwatu beaches – there are large limestone cliffs lining the beach with houses, villas, hotels and warungs built into the side. Be prepared to walk up and down a lot of stairs to get down to the beach and I promise it is definitely worth it!

What is Bingin Beach known for?

Bingin Beach, Bali is known for its world class surfing. The wave breaks 100 meters off the beach onto a shallow reef. With the right swell and wind direction Binging Beach provides hollow left hand barrels. (more on that below)

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How to get to Bingin Beach

Since Bingin Beach is on the Bukit Peninsula, an area known as Uluwatu, you’ll have to get here first! If you are traveling from another part of Bali like Ubud, Canggu or Seminyak I highly recommend hiring a driver to take you to Uluwatu.

Once you are in Uluwatu or if you are staying in the area you can arrange to rent a motor bike from your hotel or other accommodation. This is the best and easiest way to get around – but please make sure you are safe and comfortable riding a motor bike first,

Bingin is one of the more northern beaches on the Bukit but you can easily access the other beaches of Uluwatu from here too! If you aren’t staying in Bingin Beach on the cliff (which I highly recommend you do!) the best access point to Bingin Beach is from the parking area.

Parking at Bingin Beach

There is a parking lot for access to Bingin Beach here. You’ll see a ton of motor bikes in an empty dirt lot and a sign for Parking. The parking fee for the day is 2000 IDR which is roughly .13 cents USD.

Once you park (like many Uluwatu beaches) you’ll have to climb down many steps to make your way down to the beach. But first, you’ll walk down a narrow path between the different buildings and villas until you come to the stairs and the Bingin Beach sign.

There are many way to get down to the beach that weave between warungs and hotels but I like to follow the signs for Kelly’s Warung. This will get you down to the beach the quickest and to the middle of Bingin Beach. (plus we love getting cold Bintang’s from Kelly’s after a surf!)

Things to do at Bingin Beach, Bali

Enjoy the Beach & Go Swimming

It is a beach after all. Come to Bingin Beach to relax and enjoy what the beach has to offer.

You can swim in the Indian Ocean here when there isn’t a big swell in the water. Be careful getting in and out of the water as the coral can be slippery but once you pass this part there is a sandy bottom to hang out in.

You also need to be mindful of the tides! The beach is very small at high tide and at low tide there is lots of exposed coral on the beach that is very slippery.

bingin beach, bali, indonesia

Surfing at Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach is a world class reef break. The wave is a left that breaks on a shallow reef shelf so it sucks up quick. When the wave breaks abruptly on this part of the reef it can barrel.

On a small swell, because of the reef it can still be ridable but the wave is really dependent on the tides and you’ll want to catch the tide on the way down.

The best conditions for Bingin Beach are a south or south west swell with east winds. When the waves are chest high to overhead it really turns on.

Learn to Surf at Bingin Beach!

When the waves aren’t head high and barreling, Bingin Beach can be a place for beginner to intermediate surfers to surf in Bali. There are multiple board rental huts right on the beach – all you need to do is pick your board. And if you are just learning to surf I highly recommend hiring a guide to teach you!

Watch an Incredible Bali Sunset at Bingin Beach

Sunsets in Bali are just AMAZING. Sunsets from Bingin Beach are Incredible.

If you didn’t choose to spend the whole day at Bingin Beach be sure not to miss the sunset from one of the many warungs built into the cliffs. Our favorite is Kelly’s Warung. But make sure to arrive on the early side to grab a stool at the railing which is prime sunset watching real estate.

Tip: most warungs at Bingin Beach are cash only.

Fish BBQ at Bingin Beach

Doing the fish BBQ on the beach was such a cool experience! While the fish BBQ is just mediocre – the experience was amazing. Head to Bingin Beach before sunset – or I recommend coming for the afternoon sun and staying for dinner and sunset!

There are multiple warungs that offer the fish BBQ but I recommend Lucky Fish. There are tons of table and chairs set up right in the sand next to the ocean.

You get to pick out the type of fish you want for dinner right from their coolers. Once you make your selection of fresh fish they then grill it up for you and bring it to your table! We ordered a snapper and prawns which came with rice, a green leafy vegetable and condiments.

The fish BBQ is a popular thing to do at Bingin Beach and I highly recommend getting your table before sunset so you can enjoy your drinks and meal as the sun sets into the Indian Ocean.

crowded lucky fish bbq bingin beach, bali

Take a Beach Walk at Low Tide

At low tide you’ll be able to walk the length of Bingin Beach around the large rocks and coral that at high tide block your way. All the way to the south of the beach there are a few tide pools and small caves to explore. This part of the beach is also ten times less crowded and noisy if you are looking for a bit of solitude.

woman walking towards ocean under a large rock overhang

Bingin Beach Restaurants

Kelly’s Warung

A staple at Bingin Beach and Brent and I’s personal favorite! You should come to Kelly’s for a cold beer after a surf just out front or to enjoy a beachside lunch. Kelly’s Warung is the nicest and most updated of the warungs on Bingin Beach.

It has a great atmosphere, delicious food and one of the best spots for watching the famous Bingin surf. There are two levels at Kelly’s so take your pick. The top deck gets crowded during sunset hours!

Tip: Kelly’s is cash only

kellys warung on bingin beach

Lucky Fish BBQ

I talked about Lucky Fish above under things to do at Bingin Beach – but its worth noting again if you skipped that section! Lucky Fish sets up tables and chairs each evening for a fish BBQ on the beach. Pick your fresh catch and dine on the sand next to the water as you watch an amazing Bali sunset.

Tip: Lucky Fish is cash only

The Sun & Surf Stay

Just farther south on Bingin Beach past Kelly’s, Lucky Fish and Ombak is The Sun & Surf Stay. The Sun & Surf Stay in a small hotel with a small restaurant and bar right on the beach. Since it is down the beach a bit – it doesn’t get quite as crowded and you can find a seat a little closer to sunset!

Bingin Ombak Warung

Bingin Ombak Warung is just down the beach from Kelly’s Warung and usually has live music at sunset time! The bar is located above the beach on the second floor and the perfect spot to watch the sunset at Bingin Beach.

Places to eat in Bingin not on the beach…

The Cashew Tree

One of our go to places in Bingin! The Cashew Tree is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can expect a great meal at all three!

We love getting smoothies here in the morning or a big filling lunch in the afternoon after surfing all morning. The Cashew Tree’s menu is also on the healthier side and has a lot of vegan / gluten free / dairy free options!

Inside the Cashew Tree Collective you will also find a boutique and training center with daily fitness classes.

the cashew tree

Fren’cha Bakery

Just down the road from The Cashew Tree Collective you’ll find Fren’cha Bakery. They have warm croissants, coffees, pastries and panini sandwiches.

Oh and don’t forget to get a scoop of ice cream from Fren’cha on your way home from dinner.

DiVino by Casa Asia

It almost seems like half of the restaurants in Bali are Italian.. but man are they good! DiVino is no exception! Make sure to come here hungry.

Brent and I usually share a pizza and salad for dinner but the pasta dishes are also amazing. DiVino is popular so there can be a wait for a table.

Gooseberry Restaurant

Gooseberry Restaurant (from Gooseberry Intimates) is set inland but well worth the short ride to get there. The restaurant is layout around a stylish pool with an outdoor dining area, bar area where they also bbq the meats and an inside cafe with a Gooseberry Intimates boutique.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is one of the more expensive restaurants in the area – but believe me its so good you’ll want to come back! I had the most amazing caesar salad I have ever had one day for lunch and a crazy good brisket from their wood fired grill for dinner. (I told you you will want to come back!)

Bingin Beach Accommodations

Mick’s Place

Brent and I first stayed at Mick’s Place in 2019 and actually had no idea what to expect from Bali, Bingin or Mick’s Place. We were quickly blown away and all expectations were exceeded. Mick’s Place is one of the original small hotels on the Bingin Beach cliff top. There are seven different bungalow options and all come with a killer view of Uluwatu from up high.

The staff is incredibly kind and helpful and we can’t recommend staying here enough. Plus you get to walk down to Bingin directly from Mick’s Place AND get a private sunset view.

Bali Retreats

Bali Retreats represents a portfolio of boutique hotels, villas and guesthouse bungalows in Bingin. All of their many properties are beautiful and they were very easy and lovely to work with.

Did you know: when you book a stay from any of the links on TRVL Collective, I earn a small commission which helps keep this blog running and at no additional cost to you! 
Thank you for supporting!

Mu Bungalows

Mu Bungalows, a boutique resort, is another option for a cliff top Bingin accommodation on the south end of Bingin Beach. Mu features a large property with bungalows, yoga shala and large pool on the cliffs edge.

Legends Beachfront Resort

Rooms with a million dollar view! Legends Beachfront Resort is nestled into the Bingin cliff with 5 rooms and 2 studios available for your stay at Bingin Beach.

Terra Cottages

Terra Cottages is next to Mick’s Place and was recently bought and completely renovated to a stylish boutique hotel.

Bingin Villas

Here are few highly rated (9+) villas available for rent on



  • Can you swim at Bingin beach?
    • Yes! Be mindful of how big the swell is but swimming at Bingin Beach is common. There is a nice shallow area close to shore with a sandy bottom for swimming.
  • Is Bingin beach nice?
    • Bingin Beach is so nice! You will enjoy the views from the top of the cliffs and the beach down below is one of the better beaches on the Bukit Peninsula to hang out at for the day. There are surfboard rentals and multiple warungs for convenience.
  • What is the best time to visit Bingin Beach?
    • The best time to visit is in the afternoon into the evening. I would recommend coming to enjoy the sun and sand for a few hours and staying for the sunset and a few drinks!
  • Is Bingin Beach safe?
    • I can only speak from personal experience but I have always felt safe at Bingin Beach. There are many other tourists also visiting and I find the Balinese to be some of the nicest people I have encountered on my travels! With that being said – always keep an eye on your items when at the beach!
  • Is Bingin Beach good for beginner surfer?
    • Honestly, not really. If you have zero surf experience I wouldn’t recommend trying your hand at surfing for the first time here. However, there are surfboard rentals and instructors to take you out. The reef is very shallow here and the wave jacks up quick. For advanced beginners i recommend paddling out on a small swell at mid to high tide so there is more room between you and the reef.

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