Tens of thousands of people visit Montauk, the very last town on the most eastern tip of Long Island, each summer from all over the world. Most people come to Montauk to go fishing, surfing or to enjoy their summer vacations at the beach.

Montauk not only has a lot of impressive history (hello Montauk Point Lighthouse) but is also a uniquely beautiful place! Sweeping white sand beaches with grassy dunes, bluffs towering over the ocean, lakes, ponds and a large horse shoe shaped bay with a killer sunset view.

Montauk is vibrant and full of energy in the summer and in contrast quiet and still in the winter.

Montauk is just special! And if you haven’t experienced it yet.. I hope you find out one day soon.

Hi! I’m Ariana. I’ve lived in Montauk since I was 4 years old. My mom and dad moved my sister and I to Montauk in the early 90’s for my dad’s fishing business. I’ve lived here most of my life with the exception of college and a few years in New York City.

Below you will find tons of helpful and detailed guides to Montauk and farther down are Quick Facts about Montauk.
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Montauk Travel Guides:

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Montauk Quick Facts:

montauk is located in new york state on the very eastern tip of long island

The hamlet of Montauk is located in New York State and is at the most eastern tip of Long Island in the town of East Hampton.

Montauk is approximately 100 miles east of new york city

Montauk is approximately 115 miles east of New York City. The drive from NYC to Montauk could take 2.5 to 5+ hours depending on the time of year.

the closest airports to montauk are JFK, LGA, ISP and two smaller airports in East Hampton and Montauk
  • John F. Kennedy International (JFK)
  • LaGuardia (LGA)
  • MacArther Airport on Long Island (ISP)
  • Local Airports: East Hampton Airport & Montauk Airport
the best way to get to montauk is by car, train or bus
  • Train: Long Island Railroad
  • Coach Bus: Hampton Jitney
  • Car
  • Private Plane
why visit montauk? For the beaches, fishing and beauty

Montauk is a special and unique place and once you visit you will agree! The beauty, beaches, waves and fishing are what bring most people to Montauk!

high season in montauk is june july and august

High Season in Montauk is from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. July and August are the busiest months of the year.

the shouluder season in montauk is April and May and September and October

Shoulder Season in Montauk is May and September & October.

the off season in montauk is November to April

Off Season in Montauk is November through April. During these months majority of restaurants, shops and hotels are closed.

montauk is approximately 20 square miles

Montauk is approximately 36 square miles including land and water.

the year round population in montauk is around 3,500

According the the 2020 Census Montauk has 4,300 residents.

towns nearby montauk include Amagansett, East Hampton and Springs
  • Amagansett – 12 miles
  • East Hampton – 14 miles
  • Springs – 15 miles
  • Wainscott – 18 miles
the best way to get around montauk is by car or taxi

The best way to get around Montauk is by car, taxi or bicycle.
(Montauk is spread out and hilly – before you head out on a bike check your route!)

the best surfing in montauk is in the fall and winter and great beginner waves in the summer

The best waves in Montauk are in the Fall and Winter. However, the best waves to learn on happen in the summer.

montauk fun fact: there are no stop lights

There are no stop lights in Montauk.